Tähtitieteellinen yhdistys Ursa

Ilmakehän optiset ilmiöt

Halomeeting in Artjärvi 14–16 July 2006


Friday 14 July

1600 Meeting starts


2000 Talks session:
Jukka Ruoskanen Automatic Halo Recognition from Photographs
Marko Riikonen Optical phenomena caused by thin algal films on water surface
2100 Best photographs show I (everybody welcome to present their best photos)
Night Watching noctilucent clouds, frying sausages by the fire, grill warm

Saturday 15 July

0900 Breakfast
1000 Talks session:
Lars Gislen Computer algorithm for divergent-light haloes
Claudia Hinz 20 years of halo observations in Germany
Link: AKM/SHO (Germany)
Yuji Ayatsuka Atmospheric phenomena in Japan
Link: Y.Aya's Garden/Skyscape Hill (mostly Japanese)


1400 Talks session:
Jarmo Moilanen The 1920 Kuusankoski display
Walt Tape Halo poles I: for non-contact arcs
Some photos
1500 Coffee break
1515 Talks session:
Peter-Paul Hattinga  
Observation instructions: why, how, for who?
Jari Luomanen Pixel workout - exposure, histogram and bit depth in halo photography
Timo Kuhmonen HDR-technique application to halo photographs
1700 Dinner
2030 Best photographs show II (everybody welcome to present their best photos)
Night Watching noctilucent clouds, frying sausages by the fire, grill warm, sauna warm

Sunday 16 July

0900 Breakfast
1000 Talks session:
Walt Tape Halo poles II: for contact arcs
Veikko Mäkelä Atmospheric phenomena in time lapse photography
(NLC video, avi, 8MB)
Timo Kuhmonen GPS in halo photography
Marko Riikonen Stacking technique in halo photography
1200 Lunch
1300 Halo stacking in practise -workshop

Meeting ends


Mika Aho Sami Luoma-Pukkila Marko Riikonen
Yuji Ayatsuka Jari Luomanen Jukka Ruoskanen
Reima Eresmaa Ismo Luukkonen Eero Savolainen
Lars Gislen Marko Mikkilä Holger Seipelt
Claudia Hinz Jarmo Moilanen Johan Stenberg
Jenni Elina Holopainen Veikko Mäkelä Walter Tape
Lauri Kangas Timo Nousiainen Patrik Trncak
Jarkko Korhonen Marko Pekkola Peter-Paul Hattinga Verchure
Timo Kuhmonen Martin Popek Marja Wallin
Mikko Kurki


The meeting place was new Ursa observatory in the southern Finland countryside. Address of the observatory is Kimonkyläntie 951. Two links showing the location on the map:1, 2

There are beds for 30 people in the observatory, and stay is free of charge. If more people are coming, tents can be set outside. The participant number was 28.

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