Tähtitieteellinen yhdistys Ursa

Ilmakehän optiset ilmiöt


Photo no 1. All-sky photo from Dieter Klatt's big Wegener- display in Oldenburg on 25 April. The parhelic circle is well visible, but much of the Wegener's and other halos from the sun side have been lost in the print process.
Photo no 2. Claudia Hetze's shot of the unusually well-developed pyramidal display in Central Europe. It was taken in Chemnitz, Germany on 13 April. The picture includes the left 18° lateral arc (18° parhelion), left 22° parhelion. The well visible patch in the lower left direction is the rare 24° lateral arc (24° parhelion) visible here as a brightening. The same patch is also in Wolfgang Hinz's photographs.
Photo no 3. Heino Bardenhagen's parhelic circle and originally incredibly bright piece of Wegener's anthelic arcs in Helvesiek, Germany on 23 April. Much of the brilliance is lost in the print process.
Photo no 4. Pertti Kovala's shot of Parry arc and other 22° area halos on 29 April in Saarijärvi, Finland.
Photo no 5. Parhelic circle and very bright parhelia in Chemnitz, Germany on 9 April as photographed by Wolfgang Hinz.

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