Perustietoa Astrofox-teleskoopista

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36 inch Folded Newtonian Open tube

Primary diam.910 mm
MaterialLightweight 1:6 ratio Fine Annealed Pyrex for better thermal stability and accuracy
AccuracyAccuracy 1/16 wave PTV (1/8 at the wavefront)
Focal RatioF4
Tube length3000 mm
Electric FocuserOPTEC on flat secondary
Secondary diam300 mm
30x100 with illuminated crosshairs
3 eyepieces 
field corrector3 lens Wynne corrector (see Correctors)
Dew Remover System 
Mirror cooling fans 
AWR computer controlled system. Closed loop with encoders.
Intelligent handset and builtin electronic box for regulating and monitoring all the telescope functions.