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Meteor Section is one of the oldest sections in the Ursa Astronomical Association. Meteor Section was officially founded in 1976.

It's main function is to act as part of the international meteor observing network and to popularise Meteor Astronomy.

The observing time is mainly concentrated around the major meteor showers. Majority of observing is done in August during Perseids, mostly because of quite warm nights and clear weather. Other projects may be arranged on difficult-to-observe and uncertain meteor streams and predicted increased meteor activity periods.

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  • AurinkokuntaKvadrantidit IV 3.1.2021 klo 18.05; Kuusamo, Käylä; Jani Päiväniemi
  • AurinkokuntaSporadinen III 27.9.2020 klo 23.23; Kustavi; Pekka Parviainen
  • AurinkokuntaSporadisia III 19.9.2020 klo 22.32 - 20.9.2020 klo 2.34; Kustavi; Pekka Parviainen
  • AurinkokuntaSporadinen III 19.9.2020 klo 3.43; Kustavi; Pekka Parviainen

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