Ice Crystal Halos


  • Dazzling! Does anyone know of a better columns-only display? Do you have more photos, Sasha?

  • Yes absolutely awesome! Same thing I also ask any furthur pics? I bet near hornizon 46 infralateral arcs are prismatically bright. Not every day you get super fine quality wegener arcs. Here in Ohio hardly any optics except the occaional rainbow or common halo but I got nice parhelion yesterday. Hope this fall and winter lets loose.

  • I know thats what I’m thinking Jarmo Very nice arcs. 2009 was year of odd radius halos for me I got 35d halo twice and while in Florida I got lower 23d plate arc and my first tornado. in 2009 I got elliptical halos 4 times close to Mike Sillinpa’s record of 6


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