Ice Crystal Halos

Plate Arcs from Japan

Plate Arcs from Japan

These pyramidal crystal halos were observed by Anthelene over Sakaiminato city in West Japan. The most interesting features of this high cloud display are the 9°, 20°and 24° plate arcs. Marko Riikonen has made a simulation with HaloPoint2.0 ( 1 ), according to him, the 20° plate arc had been photographed only once or twice in high clouds before. More of Anthelene’s images can be seen on her website:


  • Thats a very nice low sun odd radius halo complex. The upper 20 deg plate arcs looks like a low sun diffuse upper tangent arc. In the image I can see faint upp 35 deg plate arcs. This is one display that should been stacked.


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