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halo search engine

halo search engine

Google has created a new service, “Custom Search Engine”. I used this service to create a “Halo search” – search on all good sites dedicated to halo phenomena. This service can be used on any webpage (simple script), or on the home search page.

For example, when I try to search Minnaert’s cigar in Halo Seach – I get 3 links, then try to search in a google “Minnaert’s cigar” – 4 link, then in google, but Minnaert’s cigar (without “”) – 341.

You are welcome to use and improve it.


  • Thanks for sharing it Vladimir. Nice idea. I have tried your custom search engine and it proves to be very useful. So much nicer than going through all the crap that a simple google search might result in. I even added it to my own page.

  • Great move, Vladimir! I compared normal google and halo google with “44 parhelia” and certainly halo google works much better.

    This puts on us more pressures to write things correct in our postings.

  • thanks! This is beta version, and I study how to work with it, how add sites and how use options.
    So, label “blog” “photos galery” while dosn’t correct.. but I hope, that this will be soon improve.


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