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Halo Meeting 2009, Hungary

Halo Meeting 2009, Hungary

*** addition 7 December: please note that the date of the meeting has been modified! ***

After the 2006 Artjärvi halo meeting ( 1 ), the next one is to be organised in Hungary. The date of the event is at the end of the summer between 30 August – 1 September 2009. A homepage has been designed for the gathering by Alexandra Farkas and me ( 2 ). In the future this will be the primary site for news and updates.

So far quite a few people have signalled that they’d like to participate, but in order to find out about how many people to expect, please, let me know if you think you’d like to come. Of course, this list will serve now only as an approximation. Also, if you’d like to receive emails about the meeting, or you already have an idea what presentation you’d like to give, let me know about it, too. You can contact me at the following address: ( 3 ).

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