Ice Crystal Halos


  • Very nice…I have been fallowing all your 7/8 diamond dust posts. Do I see radius halos in this one or is it just me.

    One question…do we see more new diamond dust displays after the 7/8 or the snow guns have been shut down permanently on this season.

  • These halorings inside the strongest 22 halo belong to the Minnaert cigar, and are actually 22 halos also. See Lars Gislen’s pdf “Computer algorithm for divergent-light haloes” here. In that pdf you can find information about divergent light halo geometry.

  • In Rovaniemi snow guns were shut down soon after 7/8 Dec. They will restart in January for about 10 days period, but I won’t be there. Anyway, I am positive others in Finland, Czech and elsewhere manage to get some displays.

    Yeah, no odd radii in these photos. It is just ordinary halos are changing radii because of the irregularities in the crystal cloud.

    This is of course bad news when somebody gets actually to photograph an odd radius display in lamp light.

  • Very interesting to see a 22d halo inside of a 22d halo it looks odd radius but is’nt. The Minnaert cigar effect is like a tunnel or tube in away.


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