Ice Crystal Halos

Halo and northern lights

Halo and northern lights

Some ten years ago or so my friends and I went though Finnish Meteorological Institute automatic northern light camera films in search for moon halos. At that time I considered the northern lights as unnecessary noise that disturbed the distinction of halos on those low resolution 8 mm films.

Last Thursday I was photographing a moon halo display in Kilpisjärvi biological station, when suddenly green northern lights moved fast across the halos. It was a rather nice treat and above is one photo of those moments.

Also a 9° halo was in the sky on that night, as shown by this photo. Two nights later the 9° halo reappeared, but the display was much poorer.

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  • My husband has told me when watching this photo “This is a pet lizard, Moon is the eye of it, the curly part of the northern light is the front leg and the halo is its collar”. 🙂
    Wonderful photo!


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