Ice Crystal Halos

Column arcs and parhelic circles over Finland

Column arcs and parhelic circles over Finland

During the past few days there have been two displays with full parhelic circle over Finland. The first one occured in Kitee, East Finland shortly after 10:30 on 9 July. 11-year-old Jesper Rissanen took a video of this display ( 1 ). It included a full plate parhelic circle with 120° parhelia, and a circumscribed halo.

On 14 July in Lahti, Jani Varpujärvi took photos of the second display. This one also appeared at around 10:30, and involved pyramidal crystals, which formed the 9°and 20° column arcs shown in the usm-ed image above. Further pictures of the display are available in the photographer’s gallery site ( 2 ).


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