Ice Crystal Halos


  • Looks good, although I would change the subtitle about the unusual phenomena. It is too much inclined towards ufo’s and such new age stuff.

    I just wonder… maybe it should be the time to combine all the optics in same blog, including halos. I was against this in the past when Claudia suggested it.

    Anyway, I have not been participating in the running of the ICH blog for more than a year, so I am not to decide anything.

  • First thanks a lot to Agnes for the publicity.

    In the meanwhile I’m not sure if we should unite the blogs because you’ve a lot of excellent winter displays and also the atmospheric blog have more stuff in winter. I’m afraid that go down very good threads. But we can cooperate and chance the articles.

    No I’ll publish the second observation of tertiary and first of quartiary rainbow, the next famous kings in Germany have the name MICHAEL ;o)


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