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Ritchey-Chretien 6 Inches telescope

Päiväys: 4.1.2022 20:22
Luokka: myydään
Ilmoittaja: Marcelo Melo da Silva
Sähköposti: melodasi ät
Puhelin: 050 338 8746

For sale my TS RC6. it is white and works very well. It is similar to this one. ♦ Aperture 6" / 154 mm ♦ Focal Length 1370 mm ♦ Focal Ratio f/9 ♦ Hyperbolic primary and secondary mirror for very high sharpness on the optical axis and a large well-corrected field for astrophotography ♦ Mirrors made of fused silica for stable focus position ♦ 99% dielectric high-reflectivy coating on main and secondary mirror for an even brighter image ♦ Quicker cooling down thanks to open construction ♦ Vixen style dovetail bar for easy attaching to suitable mounts ♦ 2" Crayford focuser with 1.25" reduction adapter and circular clamping ♦ Spacer sleeves for optimal focus position behind the focuser are included. Price 220,00 Euros

Otsakkeen kuvat: Nasa, ESA, N. Smith (Kalifornian yliopisto, Berkeley), ja The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)