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10.9.2020 @ 18:45 - 21:00

Koronaviruksen vuoksi Jyväskylän Sirius ry:n syksyn 2020 tähtiharrastusillat pidetään netin välityksellä. Syksyn ensimmäisessä tähtiharrastusillassa Tom Field luennoi tähtien spektroskopiasta. Tule kuulemaan, kuinka harrastajavälineillä voi mitata kaukaisten kohteiden spektrejä, määrittää niiden koostumuksia tai punasiirtymiä.
Tilaisuuden alussa katsaus ajankohtaisiin tähtitaivaan tapahtumiin. Siriuksen tähtiharrastusillat ovat kaikille avoimia maksuttomia tilaisuuksia. Tom Fieldin luento alkaa noin klo 19:00 ja on englanninkielinen. Tervetuloa!
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Tom Field: “You can almost touch the stars”
Even if you wanted to touch a star, they’re all impossibly distant. Despite these great distances, astronomers have learned an enormous amount about stars. How? The most common method to study the stars is called spectroscopy, which is the science of analyzing the colorful rainbow spectrum produced by a prism-like device.
Until recently, spectroscopy was too expensive and too complicated for all but a handful of amateurs. Today, though, new tools make spectroscopy accessible to almost all of us. You no longer need a PhD, dark skies, long exposures, enormous aperture … or a big budget! With your current telescope and FITS camera (or a simple web cam or even a DSLR without a telescope) you can now easily study the stars yourself. Wouldn’t you like to detect the atmosphere on Neptune or the red shift of a quasar right from your own backyard?!
This talk, with lots of interesting examples, will show you what it’s all about and help you understand how spectroscopy is used in research. Even if you are an armchair astronomer, understanding this field will enhance your understanding of the things your read and the night sky. We’ll do a live Q&A after Tom’s 45-minute presentation.
Speaker Bio: Tom Field is has been a Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope Magazine for the past 7 years. He is the author of the RSpec software ( which received the S&T “Hot Product” award in 2011. Tom is a popular speaker who has spoken to hundreds of clubs via the web and in-person at many conferences, including NEAF, the NEAF Imaging Conference, the Winter Star Party, the Advanced Imaging Conference, and others.


18:45 - 21:00