Cygnus Summer Event

The history of the Cygnus Summer Event leads back to the early 1980's. There had been a conversation about the USA type of Star Party event for a long time due the increase of the interest sections in the Finnish biggest astronomical association, Ursa. The Harry Lehto and Aarre Kellomäki presented the first ideas about the event. Veikko Mäkelä began to realize the event in the turn of the year 1986/86 with help of the other members of the astronomical association of the Etelä-Karjalan Nova.

First Cygnus event saw the daylight in the year 1987 and the event was held in Imatra, eastern part of Finland. Since that the event has been organized every Year. Cygnus Summer Event is now one of the biggest astronomical hobby events in the Scandinavia and in the year 2008 the event was held in Varkaus.


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