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Midsummer 2000 Aurora Borealis images Midsummer 2000 Aurora Borealis images

There was a dim but rare this time of year display of aurora borealis [ Northern Lights in English, revontulet in Finnish ( Fox {tail emitted} Lights ) ] on July 15'th 2000 at my summer cottage. The G5 rated storm was seen in Asia, Europe and America down to latitude of 40 degrees. The coronae was centred here on Vega near zenith. The show started with very faint red in east at 22:10 UT stretched and finished with a colourful corona at 22:25 UT - reaching west horizon. The display was faint due to full moon and sun just 6 degrees below horizon. I got a very few exposures with a digital snap shot camera - of which all are linked to from this page.

Site: archipelago of Porvoo, Finland - no light-pollution ( 60°15'37" N, 25°47'40" E )
Sky: There are no dark summer nights here at the northern latitudes!
Camera: Olympus Camedia C-3030ZOOM - images here are 20% of the original resolution
Settings: ISO400ASA, HQ JPEG, focal length 32mm, one second exposures at F/2.8

Sunspots with a Meade LX-200 10" F/6.3 + 2Xbarlow + 26mm ocular + Baader Astro-Solar filter and the same digital camera.

The guilty sunspot group 9077!
A very dim stripe
Hint of red
Section of the multicolour corona (published in www.spaceweather.com too)
Weak stripes - hard contrast stretch
Equipment used for this observation
PDF-file Main page of www.spaceweather.com on that day

Camera: Canon EOS-1V and a 20mm F/2.8 lens - these images are 20% of the Olympus ES-10 scanner 1770dpi resolution
Film: ISO400ASA Fujichrome Sensia II slide film
Exposures: one second at F/2.8

The sky went suddently all zebra
A very dim corona ended the show


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