Updated 9.4.2000

Spring 2000 Aurora Borealis images Spring 2000 Aurora Borealis images

There was a fantastic and rare display of aurora borealis [ Northern Lights in english, revontulet in finnish ( Fox Lights ) ] last night ( thatīs April 6'th 2000 ) in my backyard, and in the whole southern Finland as reported by many of my observing friends and by others from middle Europa to Florida. The coronaes came and went after an other centered here on 49UMa, I counted 8 glorious between 19:30 and 22:00 UT. After that there were simple green ones and I went to bed with some 70 exposures of which few are linked to from this page.

Site: Street light polluted suburb of Helsinki, Finland ( 60°09'39.4" N, 25°04'25.6" E )
Film: FujiColor Superia 400 ASA negative, from half to two minutes exposures,
Camera: Canon EOS 10S, Jupiter-Super-M MC 20mm lens at 1:2.8

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1'st corona was green with a hint of red
2'nd was a long red stripe
Then multicolour one with hint of yellow
And one looked like M42
One of the nicest
Red flash behind the trees
Red, green and blue
Later coronaes were dimmer like this one


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