Nyrölä Observatory in Finland


  • The 2001 Superoutburst of WZ Sagittae
  • Superhumps in Cataclysmic Binaries. XXII. 1RXS J232953.9+062814
  • Discovery of a Dwarf Nova Breaking the Standard Sequence of Compact Binary Evolution
  • First detection of the growing humps at the rapidly rising stage of dwarf novae AL Com and WZ Sge
  • Afterglow upper limits for four short duration, hard spectrum gamma-ray bursts
  • Discovery of a New Deeply Eclipsing SU UMa-Type Dwarf Nova, IY UMa
  • A Newly Discovered SU UMa-Type Dwarf Nova, HS 1449+6415
  • Observing Campaign on S5 0716+714

    International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUC):

  • IAUC 7691: SUPERNOVA 2001dw IN NGC 1168
  • IAUC 7418: XTE J1118+480

    Other observations:

    (Some pages are in Finnish only but you´ll understand the results).

  • Exoplanet transit detected at Nyrölä Observatory!
  • GRB observatios at Nyrola Observatory
  • Messier-Marathon 82 Messier objects imaged overnight!

  • Nyrölä Observatory First Light images
  • Observations of X-Ray Nova XTE J1118+480
  • Lightcurve of Dwarf Nova IY UMa
  • New color CCD-images during spring 2000

  • Deepsky-images taken during autumn and winter 1999
  • Active Optics images taken with ST-7E and AO-7
  • Image of the week
  • Sirius supernovae pages
  • Sirius Hale-Bopp pages

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