Short History

The first versions of the catalogue, with name Veikko's Naked Eye Catalogue of Deep Sky Objects (VNE), were compiled by Veikko Mäkelä already in early 1990s. It had 51 objects and 40 suspected objets.

Later in the beginning of new millenium Jarmo Moilanen joined to compiles and the catalogue got the name UNE catalogue, Ursa Naked Eye catalogue of Deep Sky Objects. Ursa stands on Ursa Astronomical Association, the compilers' astronomical association.

Like many other projects, it have taken many years, and nothing is still finished. It should have been made already years ago, but finally in 2008, The UNE Catalogue got its first modern network version. VNE catalogue version 1.1 have been available as packed text files in since 1995.


Several Finnish Deep Sky observers have helped in gathering data of unaided observations on deep sky objects. Special thanks for eg. Jaakko Saloranta, Risto Heikkilä and Riku Henriksson. Also thanks for Timo Karhula from Sweden.