Blog Tips

Some tips for the new contributer of the Ice Crystal Halos blog.


Personal password and settings

You can change your password and settings through the My profile tab in admin page.

Editing tips

  • New post can be made via Write tab (default view in admin page)
  • Remember set post language as English (EU) or English (UK).
  • You can turn your software language in blog as your own (several possibilities are available), but then you should remember setup the language of the writings as English.
  • Image upload is a bit complicated:
    • process your image into suitable size (preview image for a post max 478 pixels width)
    • start writing an entry
    • leave cursor into place where you want to put the image
    • push Files button below the writing area
    • new window opens
    • select correct directory on the left
    • browse the image file from your computer (input field and button in the lower area)
    • push Quick upload
    • when upload is completed there is a message of the successful upload and text link with you can insert image code in your writing window
    • the web browser probable jumps to writing window (file management window left open in background, you can close if needed)

Further information on blog use and policy from editor group.