Updated 5.3.2003

Earthshine Earthshine Images

Site: Aittasaari, Helsinki, Finland 60°09'39" N, 25°04'25" E
Time: Eastern Europen Time zone (UT+02{+01}) 17.4.2002
Camera: Olympus Camedia 3030Z on a tripod
Software: Olympus Camedia Master 2.01, PhotoImpact 6 Windows2000

41Mb jpeg
Jupiter in NE
16 seconds exposure
47Mb jpeg
Jupiter, Moon and Saturn
fight light pollution
20:30UT 1 second
27Mb jpeg
Moon and harbour lights
1 second

Camera: Canon EOS-1v on a tripod
Lens: Canon EF 200mm f/1.8 L USM with EXT EF 2X II
Film: Fujichrome Superia X-TRA colornegative 400 ASA
Software: Canon ES-E1 v1.20e, PhotoImpact 6 Windows2000

33Mb jpeg
0,1 seconds
33Mb jpeg
View to north on the sea side
16 seconds exposures

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