Updated 10.10.2005

Testing Canon EOS 5D Testing Canon EOS 5D

Time: Eastern Europen Time zone (UT+02{+01}) October 2005
Camera: Canon EOS 5D 12Mb full frame digital camera

Images with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM normal lens
< 100Kb jpeg
M45 and Mars
6.10. 20:29-20:37EET
< 100Kb jpeg
Milky Way
6.10. 20:42-20:43EET
< 100Kb jpeg
6.10. 20:57EET
< 100Kb jpeg
6.10. 20:58EET
< 100Kb jpeg
Meteors and satellites
6.10. 21:05-21.20EET

Images with EF 15mm f/2.8 Fish Eye lens
< 150Kb jpeg
6.10. 21:40EET
< 150Kb jpeg
6.10. 21:57-22:17EET


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