Updated 28.4.2003

Gamma Ray Burst After Glow Gamma Ray Burst After Glow

Site: Sondby, Porvoo, Finland 60°15'40.3" N, 25°47'36.8" E
Time: Eastern Europen Time zone (UT+02{+01}) 29.3.2002
Camera: Canon EOS D60 6Mb digital camera
Telescope: Meade LX200 10" f/6.3 "Kenny"
Software: Canon ZoomBrowser EX v4.0.2.120, MaxImDL v2.09, PhotoImpact 6 Windows2000

Gamma rays bursted in Leo on 29 Mar 2003 at 11:37UT
50Kb jpg
Northern sky-line
18Kb gif
30Kb jpeg
single frame
30Kb jpeg
7h10m after at mag 14.1
20Kb jpeg
9h33m after at mag 14.7
6Kb jpeg
The Pixels


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