Updated 16.8.2015

Aurora Borealis 15./16.8.2015 Aurora Borealis 15./16.8.2015

Site: Sondby, Porvoo, Finland 60°15'40.3" N, 25°47'36.8" E, dark archipelago, no Moon
Time: Eastern Europen Time zone UT+02
Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR camera with 12.8Mpix full frame CMOS sensor
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR camera with 22,3Mpix full frame CMOS sensor
Lenses: EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM General purpouse zoom lens
EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens
equipment magnetometer

All images are of exposure time 15 seconds at f/3.2 & 800ISO

Click here for the Northern sky HD animation one (one hour display in ten seconds)
Click here for the Northern sky HD animation two (70 minutes display in ten seconds)

Various sky views
200Kb jpg
200Kb jpg
a satellite 23.34-23.35EEST
200Kb jpg
200Kb jpg
200Kb jpg
a Perseid 02.49EEST
200Kb jpg

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