Updated 19.9.2005

Atumn Aurora Borealis Atumn Aurora Borealis

Site: Sondby, Porvoo, Finland 60°15'40.3" N, 25°47'36.8" E
Time: Eastern Europen Time zone (UT+03) 2./3.9.2005
Camera: Canon EOS 20D 8Mb digital camera
Lens: Peleng 8mm f/3.5 MC 180° circular fisheye
Telescope: Meade LX200 10" f/6.3 Classic "Kenny"
Software: PhotoImpact XL Windows XP

While starting an imaging session of deep sky wonders some alarms came thru the cellular phone and I soon realized this is going to be a night of spectacular Aurora Borealis. The show started typically with a bow in the northern part of the sky. Well, this was expected: 3 weeks to aurora maximum (equinox). The green was very bright, but no remarkable phonomena raised and the fog from the warm sea water finally ruined all my attentions soon after midnight.

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