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Last update: 12.11.2000

Supernova images taken at Rihlaperä observatory and
our new Nyrölä observatory.

Year 1999 and 2000

SN 2000dk in NGC 382

SN 2000dj in NGC 735

SN 2000E in NGC 6951

SN 2000D in UGC 1767

SN 2000C in NGC 2415

SN 2000B in NGC 2320

SN 1999gs in NGC 4725

SN 1999gq in NGC 4523

SN 1999gn in Messier 61

SN 1999gl in NGC 317b

SN 1999gi in NGC 3184

SN 1999ge in NGC 309

SN 1999gd in NGC 2623

SN 1999gb in NGC 2532

SN 1999ev in NGC 4274

SN 1999em in NGC 1637

SN 1999el in NGC 6951

SN 1999eh in NGC 2770

SN 1999dq in NGC 976

SN 1999do in Markarian 922

SN 1999dn in NGC 7714

SN 1999dk in UGC 1087

SN 1999by in NGC 2841

SN 1999bx in NGC 6745

SN 1999an in IC 755

SN 1999ac in NGC 6063

SN 1999aa in NGC 2595

  • Images taken at 1998

    We have also made CD-ROM from these images.
    More older CCD-images You´ll find at CCD-page.
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