CCD images taken in Rihlaperä Observatory during the night of April 10th, 1994

Image File Exp Telescope Time Notes
3753MAP.GIF - - - a map from Megastar
4005BMAP.GIF - - - a map from Megastar
4005MAP.GIF - - - a map from Megastar
LEO1.GIF 300s L152/2063 22.57 Leo1, galaxy in Leo, dE3 10.8 mag, 10.7´x8.3´, Leo Dwarf
M104A.GIF 300s L152/2063 23.52 messier 104, galaxy in Vir, Sb- 9.3 mag 8.9´x4.1´, Sombrero Galaxy
M27A.GIF 60s L152/2063 03.15 Messier 27, PN in Vul, 7.5 mag, 8´x5´, Dumbbell Nebula
M27B.GIF 300s L152/2063 03.24 as m27a but longer exposure
M51C.GIF 60s L152/2063 22.30 Messier 51, galaxy in Cvn, Sc 9.0 mag 11.0´x7.8´, Whirlpool Galaxy,SN1994I(see next picture)
M51C_SN.GIF 60s L152/2063 22.30 as M51C but using different image processing, SN1994I
N3753B.GIF 300s L152/2063 00.45 galaxy group in Leo, including ngc3754/n3753/n3751/n3750/n3748/3746/3745, Copeland´s Septet (see also N3753MAP)
N4005E.GIF 300s L152/2063 02.07 galaxy group in Leo, includes ngc3987/n3989/n3993/3997 galaxies 14.0-15.5 mag bright satellite track is left, (see also 4005BMAP)
N4005.GIF 300s L152/2063 01.57 galaxy group in Leo, includes ngc4005, n4000, n4011, n3999
N4526.GIF 300s L152/2063 02.30 galaxy in Vir, E7 10.6 mag, 7.2´x2.3´ SN 1994D
N4526_SN.GIF 300s L152/2063 02.30 as n4526 but using different image processing; supernova 1994D