Nyrölä Observatory in Finland


Nyrölä Observatory (image) is one of the finest observatorion places in Finland. It was build by Astronomical Association Sirius during years 1997 - 1999 and all construction work were done by voluntary work. Purpose of observatory is to act as an excellent observation place for local advanced amateur astronomers. The nearest city, Jyväskylä is about 20 km away so sky above the observatory is dark and clear. Using the observatory is free for all members of the Sirius.

The main telescope is a 16 inch Meade LX200 (image), one of the largest and definitely the best among the instruments in use of the Finnish amateur astronomers. Telescope is equipped with ST-8XE CCD camera (on loan from AAVSO), BVR-filters and digital focuser (image). In a good night, stars as dim as 20 magnitude are detectable on R-filtered images with 1200 s integration time. There is also a 10-inch Meade LX200 telescope in a roll-of-roof building for mainly visual work.

Service building (image) contains computers, books and other equipments and also serves as a warming place for observers during Finland´s VERY cold winter nights. The service building is electrically heated so comfortable resting is possible, as well is making some snacks and coffee during the observing. Look also equipment page.

The Observatory has been in very active use since the August 1999 and development works are continuing. Permanent Internet connection with a high speed HDSL line has been installed in January 2001 to help connections to collaboration members of AAVSO, VSNET and CBA. Advanced image processing programs like IRAF and Maxim DL and photometric BVR -filters make possibile very accurate photometric observations of gamma-ray burst, supernovae and variable stars.

Always when it´s a clear night, a very active group of local observerves make observations of particularly variable stars, supernovae, galaxies and other deepsky objects. Also minor planets are observed regulary: two previously unknown asteroids have been found in the observatory and first of them is named by discoverers to (22978) Nyrölä.

Most important future plans are very fast response for GRB alerts (less than five minutes) with programmed script-automation for the telescope and computer, time series observations of variable star and BVR photometry of new supernovaes.

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