Cooperation request from Japanese scientists

Observing in Finland was succesful during the weekend 6.-8.4.2001. See the new lightcurve at night 7.4.2001

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From: Makoto Uemura []
Sent: 4. huhtikuuta 2001 16:59
Subject: IY UMa spectroscopy with the SUBARU telescope

Dear Sirs,

     We schedule infrared spectroscopy of IY UMa with the SUBARU 8-m
telescope on April 6 night (Hawai Standard Time).  The PI is
Dr. Mineshige (Kyoto University), and we (Dr. Mineshige, Dr.
Nogami, and me) will go to Hawaii in the next evening.

     As the previous test observation for this one, we again need
information about the current status of the object through photometry.
Is it possible that the Nyrola observatory team perform time-series
observation on April 6 and/or 7?

     We will also take a run on another eclipsing dwarf nova EX Dra
after the altitude of IY UMa decreases.  The eclipse ephemeris of
EX Dra is attached below.  We will welcome any contribution for
this campaign.

Makoto Uemura

EX Dra (RA=18h04m13.89s, Dec=67o54'10.8")
2001 April (UT)
  6 02:16:21
  6 07:18:40
  6 12:20:59
  6 17:23:17
  6 22:25:36
  7 03:27:54
  7 08:30:13
  7 13:32:32
  7 18:34:50
  7 23:37:09

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