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Tämä deepsky-l [ät] ursa.fi-listan viestiarkisto. Huomaa, että voit vastata viesteihin tältä sivulta ainoastaan, jos olet jo liittynyt listalle.

Kirjoittajan mukaan: Jorma Koski (jorma.koski_at_hidden_email_address.net)
Päiväyksen mukaan: 16.02.2002


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kerrottakoon, että se on tilattava uudestaan. Ja muut voivat tilata sen oheisesta osoitteesta. Viikkotiedote sisältää hyödyllistä ja ajankohtaista tietoa.

Jorma Koski

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Subject:	[skyline]  Final Skyline Notice
Sender:	"John Wagoner" <stargate_at_astromax.com>
Date:		Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:34:13 +0200

This is a final notice for those of you (and there are many) who are still sending
me joins, unjoins, and changes of address. Please read the message below
carefully. Thanks. John Wagoner.

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Beginning today, February 15th, S&T's Weekly News Bulletin is being sent directly by SKY & TELESCOPE rather than by John Wagoner of the American Association of Amateur Astronomers. We were unable to export the former recipient list to the new system, so if you wish to continue to receive our free e-mail newsletter, you'll need to visit S&T's Web site and sign up for it anew. You may also sign up for our new Skywatcher's Bulletin, which calls attention to noteworthy celestial events you won't want to miss. Please go to S&T's sign-up page at this address:

> <http://SkyandTelescope.com/shopatsky/emailsubscribe.asp>

If you don't sign up using the form provided there, you will not receive today's bulletin or any subsequent ones.

If you have trouble accessing the form or submitting it, please try again later. The large volume of resubscriptions sometimes causes our server to become unresponsive. Keep trying, and you will eventually get through.

Thank you for your interest in SKY & TELESCOPE, and very special thanks to John Wagoner for helping us bring you S&T's Weekly News
Bulletin by e-mail for the last few years.