24 Jan 2007 Jarmo Moilanen


16.6.2001 Hämeenlinna © Noora Hirvonen
22° halo © Noora Hirvonen

FHON - Finnish Halo Observing Network

Halo Section of Ursa Astronomical Association

Finnish Halo Observing Network is the halo phenomena section of Ursa Astronomical Asscociation. Halo phenomena recorded in Ursa since late 1970s. As an independed section it have worked from 1983.

FHON have made also hard core scientific research on halos on amateur basis. Recent dozen years have showed that it is possible for a skillful, motivated amateur observing network to capture several unforeseen nature phenomena and vindicate even more.

Unfortunately Ursa Halo section or Finnish Halo Observing Network does not have a named leader at the moment. We hope that the situation will change soon.

Halo reports blog has been opened for reporting recent halo displays around the world. You can find Halo reports blog here.

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Sivuaurinko-column FHON is publishing its observations in Ursa Minor magazine where it has its own Sivuaurinko-column. These are all in Finnish of course, but often with English summary and figure texts.
Halo atlas  Simulations of halos for various solar altitudes (in Finnish).
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