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Lähettäjä: Terry Lovejoy <terryjlovejoy at yahoo.com>
Päiväys: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 6:35 am
Otsikko: [comets-ml] The discovery of C/2007 K5
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> Discovery of Comet C/2007K5
> First of all a big thank you to all your kind words :) 
> After a discovering Comet C/2007 E2 on March 15 this year, I am 
> happy 
> to report finding another Comet just 2 months later!  
> Naturally I am 
> elated, especially since this one was a much tougher and 
> challenging 
> find, proving my techniques are working.
> This particular comet (designated C/2007K5) was found as a small 
> faint but still rather obvious blue-green haze in my images from 
> the 
> evening of May 26.  My initial estimate is mag 13, but I 
> admit I have 
> not attempted more precise photometry and visually the comet 
> could 
> well be brighter.  Interestingly the discovery was made 
> during a 
> bright waxing moon and in the evening sky where moderate light 
> pollution prevails.  On the evening I had both cameras (a 
> Canon 300D 
> + Canon 350D) mounted the usual way with the 300D pointed 
> towards -18 
> declination and the 350D pointed towards declination -11.  
> This 
> allows me to image 13 degree wide sweep of sky from west to 
> east.  
> Some 12 individual starfields were covered with both cameras, 
> with 12 
> subexposures of 90 seconds for each starfield.
> The following day, I downloaded the images from my 300D and ran 
> them 
> through the usual automated processing steps (IRIS is used for 
> this). 
> This processing step outputs 2 images per starfield effectively 
> separated by 10 minutes so that moving objects like comets can 
> be 
> identified.  By 'blinking' the 2 images one can see objects 
> like 
> asteroids and comets bobbing backwards and forwards.  On 
> examining 
> the first image I almost immediately noticed a moving small hazy 
> object with a distinctive blue green colour typical of many 
> comets.  
> I knew I had something for sure, and notified a number of other 
> for 
> confirmation of a possible comet.
> Confirmation came on May 28 when both John Drummond and I made 
> followup observations, which were then sent to Dan Green at 
> CBAT.  
> Further followup was obtained on May 29 by Rob McNaught before 
> an 
> official circular (IAUC 8840) announced the new comet as C/2007 
> K5.  
> Interesting, C/2007 K5 required less than 20 hours of actual 
> searching in contrast to the estimated 1400 hours for C/2007 E2. 
> The comet itself appears to be quite faint, and will problably 
> remain 
> that way, but a comet none-the-less.  Further astrometry is 
> require 
> to calculate an orbit and once this is done the comet will be named.
> Terry 
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