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Pikkuplaneetta 24 Themis peittää tähden UCAC2 38612051 sunnuntaiaamuna.


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Dec 30th
Prediction of Mister Schwaenen with data of Mister Preston The Minor Planet 24 Themis occults the star UCAC2 38612051 Time of the event: 03h19m UT ATTENTION this is a morning observation Please observe from: 03h10m to 03h28m UT Predicted limit: Russia; Finland; Sweden and Norway Look at: http://astrosurf.com/eaon/Cartes/12%20December/30_themis.htm

Please look for possible updates on the preliminary predictions to the website of EAON at: http://astrosurf.com/eaon/Occultations%20December.htm

If you use the program "Occult Watcher 2.0" from Mister Pavlov the updates will be automatically downloaded from the program and you will be notified on all the updates!
To install the software visit:

Don't forget to observe
Clear skies and good luck

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