[kuuplan-l] lauantain tähdenpeitto ei näy Suomessa

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To Marras 27 14:25:53 EET 2003

Mainostamani asteroidin (925) Alphonsina aiheuttama tähdenpeitto ei
sittenkään näy Suomessa. Uusimmat ennusteet siirsivät pimennysaluetta
reippaasti länteen. 

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From: Jan Manek [mailto:jan.manek at worldonline.cz] 
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Subject: ÄPLANOCCULTÅ 2nd update for (925) Alphonsina on November 29/30,
Importance: High

I have computed 2nd update for following event :

- (925) Alphonsina on November 29/30, 2003
   Updated path runs due to north shift over W Norway ~17:42.7 UT,
   Netherlands and Belgium ~17:43.7 UT, France from north to south
   around 17:44.3 UT and E Spain ~17:45.0 UT.
   Please check the path chart for details.

Main reason for another update was that I got new data for target star. 
Recent UCAC2 star position was kindly provided by Marion and Norbert
Moreover Herbert Raab organised with Rainer Stoss starfield imaging at 
station 420 on Mallorca from which I have performed astrometry of the 
target star.
Combining these data with the original Tycho-2 data was derived proper 
motion and current star position could be determined with rather good
It turned out that the star has noticeable proper motion so it moved more 
than 0.5" in last 12 years and the new path is totally out if my previous 
error estimate.

On December 22/23, 2003 will be excellent occultation of 6.2 mag star HIP 
23799 running over areas with a lot of observers. This occultation is a 
good chance to test if Alphonsina has the expected diameter and possibly 
even to check the ephemeris.

Full details including charts and WinOccult elements are at the European 
updates WEB page : http://mpocc.astro.cz/updates/1129alp.html#2

Best regards, Jan 

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