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Latest update
16 Dec 2005
Update history

Astro Language

Update history

16 Dec 2005 Additions and updates to Latvian words and word groups by Aivis Meijers. Updates to Esperanto word groups.
10 Dec 2005 Corrections to Danish constellation names by John Ståhle and other Internet sources.
10 Dec 2005 Corrections to Latvian constellation names by Aivis Meijers.
19 Dec 2004 Added and updated Czech, Slovakian and soem Polish word from Astronomický slovnícek ( by Ludek Vašta.
29 Apr 2004 Added Portuguese and Esperanto words, constellations and language names from Astronomio Terminaro, Logos dictionary and some miscellaneous sources. Also small corrections to other languages.
23 Apr 2004 More updates to Latvian, Chroatian, Russian and Greek words from Astronomia Terminaro ( Spelling checks to Russian and Greek words and constellations.
5 Apr 2004 Several updates from multilingual Esperanto dictionary Astronomia Terminaro ( to Latvian, Chroatian and Czech words and spelling of Russian and Greek words. Several words also form Logos dictionary pages ( Finnish accidently destroyed and written again with some additions.
25 Mar 2004 More Italian updates and info page translations by Mika Laari.
20 Mar 2004 Italian menus, updates and corrections by Mika Laari.
17 Jan 2004 Updates and corrections to Polish words and Polish menus and text pages by Krzysztof Czart.
11 Oct 2003 Updates to language names and several words from Logos dictionary pages ( The reliability of the updates is here and there a little bit unsure.
9 Oct 2003 Small corrections. Updates to language names from Logos dictionary pages (
7 Oct 2003 Small updates to German words. Calendar vocabulatory in Greek, Latvian, Czech, Slovak and Croatian. Some updates to language names.
5 Oct 2003 The language names of Estonian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, and Latvian with the languages of European Union.
4 Nov 2002 Polish language names by Karol Pankowski.
31 Oct 2002 Updates and corrections of Greek constellation names. The Greek letters transliteration changed to better version. It is not yet completed standard.
29 Oct 2002 The first web version of the Astro language. Based on PHP and mySQL database.
Oct 2002
Astro language was published as a text file in BBSes and Internet since early 1990s. Several tens of updates where made during these years.