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16 Dec 2005
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Astro Language

A mini dictionary of
300 astronomical words
and constellation names
in different European languages

I have collected a small dictionary of astronomy field. The collection of words includes terminology also from atmospheric phenomena, which are popular amoung amateur astronomers in some countries. This is not any serious work, I have done this just for fun and interest. If this is useful for someone, I can be satisfied.

The collection of 300 words is just my choose. We can't say these are the most important ones. To get more useful dictionary we need perhaps 500-600 words. I have tried to choose the languages in the dictionary they are used in amateur astronomical activities.

The dictionary is not completed. All the notes, corrections and ideas are welcome.

# English German Dutch Swedish Norwegian
1 aberration Aberration aberratie aberration aberrasjon
2 absolute (magnitude) absolute (Helligkeit) absolute (helderheid) absolut(magnitud) absolutt (magnitude)
3 almanac Almanach almanak almanack almanakk ?
4 amateur (astronomer) Amateur (Astronom) amateur (astronoom) amatör(astronom) amatør(astronom)
5 angle Winkel hoek vinkel vinkel
6 annular (eclipse) ringförmige (Finsternis) jaarlijks (verduistering) ringformig (förmörkelse) ringformet (formørkelse)
7 aperture [in optics] Apertur, Öffnung opening apertur,öppning apertur, åpning
8 aphelion Aphel, Aphelium aphelium aphelium aphel, aphelium
9 April April april april april
10 arc (second) Bogen(sekunde) boog(seconde) båg(sekund) bue(sekund)
11 association [astronomical] Verein vereniging förening forening
12 association [stellar] Assoziation associatie association assosiasjon
13 astrology Astrologie astrologie astrologi astrologi
14 astronomer Astronom astronoom, sterrenkundige astronom astronom
15 astronomical astronomisch astronomisch astronomisk astronomisk
16 astronomy Astronomie, Sternkunde astronomie, sterrenkunde astronomi astronomi
17 astrophotography Astrophotographie astrofotografie astrofotografi astrofotografi
18 astrophysics Astrophysik astrofysica astrofysik astrofysikk
19 atmosphere Atmosphäre atmosfeer atmosfär atmosfære
20 August August augustus augusti august